It all started out of personal problems. We were looking for inexpensive eyewear and were surprised to see that one company really controlled the market with major brands under their portfolio. Further research showed that luxury brands mark up their products by up to ten times. There had to be a better way of choosing between either a overpriced luxury brand or a fast fashion brand. So we started Slaughter & Fox out of a respectable balance between premium products and revolutionary prices. The idea was to create minimalist, high-quality products which didn’t cost a fortune.

In the last 12 months, we have expanded our offering to include Made in Italy bags for men and women and also luggage. We have amassed thousands of happy customers all around the world and have gotten accolades for our products.

We are very excited about the future no matter what it holds as we work on expanding our product assortment. It is after all just the beginning.
Direct To You
As a direct to consumer brand and by circumventing traditional channels, designing products in-house, we try to cut the markup luxury brands have which makes their products extraordinarily expensive. As a result, you get a higher-quality, better-looking product, at a fifth or so of the going price.
Our Collections
Hand Made Acetate eyewear
Our eyewear is mostly handmade using a high-quality single acetate sheet with a high-quality polarized lens with anti-glare coating, thus providing very high-quality products. Our products are designed in New York and are mostly handmade globally in family-owned factories.
Italian Leather
We source the finest leather from leading Italian tanneries. Our products are fully made in Italy.
We are of the firm belief that while we make our products, no harm should be caused to the environment. Our products are built to last and our tanneries have achieved various accolades for playing a role in protecting the environment.
Men's Bestsellers
Women's Bestsellers