Eyewear is not just functional but plays a big role in the expressions of a wearer’s looks, lifestyle and even personality. Slaughter & Fox Eyewear was built out of a respectful balance between premium products and revolutionary prices.

Inspired by our deep admiration of neighborhoods in New York our products are made in family-owned units worldwide. The styles are mostly minimalist yet utilitarian and handmade or hand polished using streamlined designs and complex performance material. An effort is made to use contrasting texture, subtle utility and blend contrasting material such as acetate, polycarbonate and metal. The attention to detail of each handmade frame makes is distinctive, which fits into your everyday wear.

We do not like fast fashion and we do not like luxury. We try to make products which we think should last you a lifetime. We replicate the supply chain of luxury brands. Our Italian handbags are made by some of the artisans who manufacture for luxury brands.

The current collection has a limited edition range. These luxurious products are made a limited run of 100 worldwide, with a serial number etched onto each frame.